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Indiana Post Frame Buildings - Coaches Corner
Coaches Corner is a Sporting Goods Store in Terre Haute
Blitz Builders constructs about two hundred post frame buildings in Indiana each year. Many people think of post frame construction as something that is only used for build pole barns. It is true that post frame construction originated with pole barns in the 1930s, when agriculture was changing from horse power to mechanized power. At that time farmers needed inexpensive buildings to shelter their tractors and other equipment. Since that time, the post frame constuction method has advanced and can now be used to construct a wide variety of buildings. The chief advantage of this method is that it is relatively simple, and a building can be constructed at less cost than with traditional building methods. It is especially advantageous when a large open area is required, such as a room for a large church congregation.

Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner is a sporting goods store located in Terre Haute. They moved to a new building in 2008, which Blitz constructed.
Indiana Pole Barn Builders - Church


Blitz has built several churches, including the one on the left. We can accomodate many types of doors and windows. Note the arched windows and the circular window at the top.
Indiana Post Frame Buildings - Majestic Oaks
Majestic Oaks

Majestic Oaks Hackney Farm

Located just across the Ohio River in Kentucky, The horse arena at Majestic Oaks Hackney Farm is the largest building we have constructed. In the photo to the left you can see quite a few horse stalls. The builing contains:
  • 80 x 120 foot indoor arena
  • Viewing lounge
  • 46 horse stalls
  • Shoeing shop
  • Tack room
Indiana Pole Barn Builders - Church
Front half is living quarters and back half is garage

Living Quarters / Garage

Here's an interesting post frame building Blitz constructed in Putnam county. The back half of the building is a garage with two large overhead doors and one standard size overhead door. The front half of the building is the living quarters, which is two stories tall. The owner of the building contacted a stone mason to do the stone work on the lower portion of the front and side. Blitz Builders constructed the covered entryway over the front, and the overhang on the side door. Unsupported overhangs like this can easily be done if they are five feet or shorter. If they are longer, they will generally require support posts, like on the front porch of this building. If you prefer, you can purchase the doors and windows and Blitz will install them. For this building, the owner purchased Pella windows.
Indiana Pole Barn Builders - Church
Storage building with long, wrap-around porch

Storage Building

The primary purpose of the building to the left is to store earth moving equipment. There is a large door on the end of the building. This building also a long porch across the front of the building, which wraps around both sides for a short distance.
Horse barn with living quarters
First floor horses - Second floor people

Horse Barn / Living Quarters

Located in Vigo county is one of the most unique buildings that Blitz has ever constructed. The first floor is for horses - Notice the Dutch doors on the right. Dutch doors are split doors, and you can open just the top half so the horse can see outside, or even stick his head outside for a good look around. The horses don't actually occupy the entire first floor. The far end of the first floor is a garage. Living quarters for humans are on the second level. Note that the roof on this building has a much steeper pitch than most post frame buildings. This is to create more usable living space on the second floor. Blitz can also do gambrel roofs.
Indiana Pole Barn Builders - Church
This roof drops only 1 inch for every lateral foot

Low Slope Roof

Blitz Builders constructed the building on the left for the Beech Grove school system. It has three slider doors across the front and is used for storing equipment. The rear of this building butts up against another building. This made construction a bit more challenging. The height at the back of the building was constrained, since it had to stay below the air intake on the adjacent building. Normally we like to have a roof pitch with at least three inches of drop per lateral foot. If we had done that on this building, the door openings would have been too low. Therefore we had to use special metal for this roof that is thicker and more heavily ribbed (which makes it stiffer) than our normal metal. With this metal we could decrease the roop pitch to a one inch drop per lateral foot. Low slope roofs have to be able to accomodate greater loads from rain and snow, since they don't shed these as quickly as more highly pitched roofs.

Indiana Pole Barns

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