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Indiana Pole Barn Builders - Digging Holes
Using a Skid-Steer with auger to drill post holes

About two thirds of all Blitz Buildings pole barns in Indiana are built by a crew out of the Brownsburg office. In addition to making sales calls, Pete Benner coordinates the activties of the building crew. The foreman is Stan, who has over 25 years experience building pole barns for Blitz Buildings. Your barn will be built a crew of four to six workers. All Blitz crew members are proud of the buildings they construct, and take care to make sure the final product is high quality. All personnel, equipment & materials are fully insured while on the job site. Blitz is a member of the National Frame Builders Association and is a certified commercial and agriculture builder in Indiana.

Site Preparation and Posts

Prior to beginning construction, it is important to have the building site properly prepared. This is covered in detail in the Site Preparation Guidelines, but the main points are as follows:
  • The site should be level
  • The site should 6-12" higher than the surrounding terrain
  • The site should be 4-6' wider than the building
  • An additional clear area of 6-10' around the site is required during the construction process
A good, sturdy pole barn requires posts that are set firmly into the ground, so that they do not shift, even in strong winds. Blitz starts by digging a hole about 4 feet deep and 18" in diameter. A concrete pad at the bottom of the hole is created using dry mix sakrete, which gives the post a solid foundation on which to rest. The posts are 6" x 6" and are treated to protect them from insects, rot and decay. This treated wood is superior to the treated lumber found at retail lumber yards. It has been tested by United States Department of Agriculture, and they found no failures after thirty years. To better anchor the posts and provide more stability, 2" x 6" treated anchor pads are nailed around the bottom the bottom of each post. This adds additional resistance to uplifting from strong winds. The posts are squared and leveled before any other work is done.
Indiana Pole Barn Builders - Framed Building
Fully framed and ready for metal


After the posts are set, a 2" x 8" treated splashboard is nailed around the perimieter of the building, on the outside of the posts. The splashboard is slightly above the ground. Wall girts, which are 2" x 6" and made of spruce, are placed above the splashboard. They are spaced a maximum of 3 feet apart in the vertical direction. The wall girts are number 2 grade lumber or better.

2" x 6" lumber is nailed on the inside and outside of posts where needed to support the roof trusees. Blitz uses roof trusses constucted with nail plates instead of glue and gusset plates for greater strength. The trusses will be spaced 8, 9 or 10 feet apart. To prevent the trusses from shifting, two 2" x 4" truss ties run the entire length of the building. These boards will have an overlap of at least 1 foot, and are attached to the trusses near their bottom. Four 2" x 4" diagonal braces runs from the end peaks to the middle of the sidewalls. These braces strengthen the building and help it resist twisting from strong gusting winds.

Purlins are set on top of the roof trusses. these are 2" x 4" boards that are set on edge for greater stiffness. The purlins are nailed on top of the trusses with 60 penny ring shank spikes. They are overlapped and nailed together with 16D nails. The purlins are spaced anywhere from 16" to 24" apart.

For more information about the lumber used by Blitz Builders, please check out our Lumber Specifications.
Indiana Pole Barn Builders - Screws Used to Secure Metal
Blitz uses color matched screws with grommets to secure the metal


Blitz Builders uses 29 gauge metal, which is available in 12 colors. To increase the stiffness of the sheet metal, each three foot wide sheet has 5 major ribs, three quarters of an inch high, spaced 9 inches apart. In between each pair of major ribs there are two minor ribs. These ribs greatly improve the metal's resistance to bending.

Blitz fully trims its buildings, including the bottom edge of the building, which some other builders do not use. This covers up the exposed edge of the metal and prevents rodents and other unwanted guests from crawling up the ribs. Blitz also trims:
  • Gables
  • Corners
  • Openings
  • Door Edges
  • Eave Line
One of the most important differences between Blitz Builders and some low-cost builders is the use of screws to attach the metal instead of nails. Screws are more expensive than nails, but they offer several advantages:
  • 20% stronger than nails
  • Won't leave dents on the metal
  • Won't work loose like nails can
  • Can be easily removed if metal replacement is necessary
  • Have a neoprene washer under the screw head to create a weather tight fit
  • Are color matched to the metal
For more information about the metal used by Blitz Builders, please check out our Metal Specifications.

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